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Monday, September 11, 2017 at 11 PM Eastern - 2 AM Eastern

Special Guests Include Professional Investigators, Researchers, Scientists, Photo Analysts, Authors, And An Undercover Journalist Who Infiltrated And Investigated The Billy Meier Case From Inside The Meier Camp In Switzerland.

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The July 2017 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper...


UFOs, Hauntings, Paranormal, Parapsychology and More in

The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper for July 2017

Front Page The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper

July 2017 Edition

The July 2017 Edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper (92 Pages and in Color) is NOW available online at and includes the following articles:

  • Page 01: MUFON, Racism & Dodging the Questions
  • Page 05: Sign Our MUFON Petition to Have Jan Harzan Resign
  • Page 06: Are Some Tales Just Too Wild to Believe?
  • Page 08: Latest MJ-12 Documents
  • Page 09: MUFON’s JZ Knight
  • Page 13: Need For An Islam Reformation
  • Page 15: Deputy Claims To Be Roswell Crash Witness
  • Page 18: Ramtha A.K.A. JZ Knight
  • Page 24: MUFON Wants Money, Not The Truth
  • Page 25: Public Relations Nightmare At MUFON
  • Page 28: Flying Saucers Still Evasive 70 Years Later
  • Page 32: Abducted By Aliens In Roswell
  • Page 33: MUFON Jumps The Shark
  • Page 35: Malaysia Airlines 370 Abducted By Aliens
  • Page 38: Failure Of The BAASS-MUFON SIP Program
  • Page 42: Was It Meant To Be?
  • Page 43: Abduction By Aliens Or Sleep Paralysis?
  • Page 51: Are Ghosts Real? Evidence  Has Not Materialized
  • Page 53: UFO Hoaxes? There’s An App For That!
  • Page 55: Separating Fact From Fiction
  • Page 57: Para-Unity Conference - Fellsmere, Florida, November 3, 4, & 5 2017
  • Page 59: UFO Enthusiast Now Facing Child Pornography Charges Subject Of Netflix Documentary
  • Page 60: Signs No. 15 - The Nemesis Cloud Page
  • 65: What Psychology Can Tell You About Your Extraterrestrial Beliefs
  • Page 67: Why People Believe In Conspiracies
  • Page 69: Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory Gets Put To The Ultimate Test
  • Page 70: Electronic Voice Phenomenon - EVP
  • Page 72: The 10 Most Notorious Paranormal Hoaxes In History
  • Page 73: The Amityville Hoax Vs. The Amityville Reality
  • Page 74: Ghost-Hunting Mistakes
  • Page 78: Talking To The Dead: The Science Of Necromancy
  • Page 83: The Strange & Mysterious Ouija Board
  • Page 88: Why Bigfoot Is Fake: Bigfoot Debunked
  • Page 90: The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network Broadcast Schedule


Since 1991, The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper has been reporting on the world of the Paranormal and the science of Parapsychology.  UFOs, Ghosts, Psychic Phenomena, EVP, Conspiracy Theories, and so much more!

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